Natalie lives in Canada with her husband and their two homeschooled children. She loves working with homeschool families and helping them beat their doubts and insecurities. She helps homeschoolers focus on their children’s education and development. She offers her knowledge, teaching and support to mothers around the world!

Natalie also offers Nature-Based outdoor learning pods! She teaches parents how to easily incorporate education into the outdoors. Each programs runs for 2 months and is open year-round.

How to Homeschool Your Child

In this 8-week program, Natalie shares her specific techniques and resources to make homeschooling life simple and fun! Discovering how to homeschool in a way that reflects your lifestyle and family values is key to your success. Get your kids thriving at home today!

Nature Learning Pod

With her love of nature and her passion for teaching, Natalie has unique Nature Learning Pods which reconnects children and families to nature! These pods are held in the Hamilton and Halton regions and are open to all ages! Natalie has a unique way of teaching and can easily incorporate different age groups into the day’s lesson! Inquire about her Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn programs here.

To inquire about home education support or our classes, place your request here!