Natalie lives in Canada with her husband and their two homeschooled children. She loves working with homeschool families as they have specific needs and are often misunderstood by mainstream support services. She offers her knowledge, teaching and support to mothers around the world! She helps moms create healthy sleep habits so that they can be rested, recharged and able to live their best life!

Her model of care is centered around her values of community, connection and compassion. Her commitment to her clients is reflected in the rapport that she builds right from the start. Women that work with Natalie will receive a model of care that they won’t find anywhere else.

Healthy Sleep Habits

Natalie teaches mothers how to get better sleep through their habits and patterns. Restful sleep is linked to more patience, more energy, more joy and a healthier body and mind! During her 8-week Sleep Program, she shares her specific techniques and resources which are geared for mothers! Even though we may lead busy lives with our careers, households and our children’s education, it doesn’t mean that sleep is impossible! After completing her 8-week Sleep Program, Natalie’s clients report better sleep and a good understanding of what healthy sleep habits are.

Transformational Speaker

Having gone through a spiritual and mindset transformation, Natalie helps women reach their next level of awakening through compassion, humor and empathy. “I wake people up through their dreams”, she is often known as saying. She is bringing her inspirational coaching talents to the stage! From small spiritual gatherings to podcasts and to global conferences, she will bring your audience inspiration, wisdom and spiritual awareness… with her trademark humor.

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