How long do you normally work with families for?

With my birth clients, I like to start as early as possible, ideally early in the second trimester. This gives us plenty of opportunity to get to know each other. We will work through exercises regarding pain and stress tolerance, comfort measures, birthing positions. The more we get to know each other, and the more the parents practice the exercises, the easier things will flow at the birth. I work with my postnatal clients for 3 months.

When is a good time to hire a doula and mom coach?

There’s no time like the present! I work very closely with my clients for 3 to 6 months at a time and my calendar fills up quickly. If you’re already considering hiring a doula, it’s a good idea to book your discovery call sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

I am scheduled for a c-section, or am a likely candidate for one. How can you help with that?

Most of the time that we spend together is during your pregnancy. No matter how you birth your baby, and whether or not it was planned that way, there is a lot of ground to cover from now until the birth. In our prenatal visits, we will discuss your feelings surrounding the birth, including any past traumas that may be brought to the surface. Pregnancy and birth are huge events in your life. And like any major event, it can bring up old memories. Some which may not be pleasant. This is where outside support is so important. Not only do I provide you with a safe space, but I also help you work through these concerns.

I just want my birth over and done with. How can a doula help me?

We would first explore what you mean by “over and done with”. In my model of care, we will not only practice breathing exercises, we will also explore the reasons behind your decisions. Oftentimes, the need to rush through something reflects worry about the situation. The less stress you hold in your body, the easier labour and birth will be. I never push an agenda on my clients. I help you find the birthing decision that works best for you. You have all the answers inside of you. I just help to bring them out.

Is it true that doulas are against pain relief medications during birth?

No, absolutely not! My job is to help you achieve the birth that you want. A lot of people choose to have an epidural and I am here to support you with your decision.

Won’t a doula take over my partner’s role?

No, I am not there to replace your partner at all. If your partner chooses to, he can be an important part of your birth team. I not only focus on the mother, but the entire family unit. I know a lot about birth, but your partner knows a lot about you! He knows your personality, your likes and dislikes and your moods. Depending on his comfort level, your partner can be as involved as he wants in your birth.

What does postnatal overnight care look like?

Once I arrive at your home, we’ll go over the day’s events and any questions you may have. Your baby can be sleeping or awake when I arrive. Once you go to bed, you can sleep peacefully knowing that I will care for your baby. I’ll change their diaper, feed them, soothe them back to sleep. You don’t even have to wake up! And if you’re breastfeeding, I can bring baby to you along with snacks and a drink of water.

Do you only work with breastfeeding families?

No, the majority of the families that I have worked with fed their baby formula. If breastfeeding isn’t your thing, that is perfectly fine! I will never tell you how to parent, including how to feed your baby.

Do you have experience working with twins?

Yes, I have had the pleasure to work with clients who have welcomed twins into their family!

What happens if the birthing parent or the baby has a medical emergency?

NICU families have particular needs that are different from other families. During our time together, we will review your child’s medical needs and what type of support you are looking for. In the unlikely, and very unfortunate, event where death occurs, I am trained in trauma and bereavement support. Rest assured that no matter the outcome of birth, I am here for your family in whatever capacity you may need.

Are you on social?

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