Which online curriculums are available?

Classes are available on a monthly basis. Registration is now open for the month of April 2022. Each new class starts on the first Monday of the month.

Do you have in-person learning pods?

Yes! My in-person learning pods are hosted once a week in Flamborough (Ontario). The park where we meet is about 5 minutes north of Waterdown.

How is the online curriculum structured?

Art, Science and Storytelling are equally distributed throughout the curriculum. Each week we focus on one subject. There is a live broadcast with the week’s lesson, discussion and activity. Students have the opportunity to ask questions, post their homework and re-watch videos on the private learning platform.

What grades are eligible to register?

The online classes are suitable for kindergarten to grade 6 or ages 5 to 12. Each week has an Add-On section for children that would like more challenging content. The in-person pods are suitable for JK to grade 8 (ages 4 to 13).

Can I see an example of the curriculum?

Absolutely! Click on the image below to download a sample of the Week 1 assignment from the Winter Sessions.

What is your education philosophy?

I teach based on a child-led approach. I am a strong believer that combining outdoor education with an individual’s natural interests has a tremendous impact on the child’s education. Reconnecting our children to nature through education improves mental health, critical thinking, creativity, compassion and confidence.

How much support is available through your curriculum program?

I monitor the learning platform throughout the day. Students can post their questions about the homework and the lesson. There is a day dedicated to going over their homework where I will provide feedback and any editing that may be required.

There is a monthly group meeting for the parents. This is included when you purchase a monthly class. We discuss your homeschool questions and challenges. Individualized support and homeschool consults are available at an additional cost.

Where can I follow you on social media?

I’m on Insta, Facebook and I have a Outdoor Homeschoolers Facebook group!