Healing Ourselves with Nature

It is in the simplicity of nature where our healing begins.

Our health seems broken these days. Mental health, chronic illnesses, behavioral conditions, sedentary lifestyle, screen time. What else would you add to this list? All of these could be seen as chronic conditions of modern society.

Under all of these illnesses and conditions – be they physical, mental or emotional – is a root cause. The root cause is the separation between people and nature. This separation wasn’t obvious when it first started at the beginning of the industrial age. Looking back, we can see that this turning point in human history had a snowball effect. The snowball that slowly grew as humanity’s relationship with nature declined.

It all started innocently enough. And for good cause! Where would we be without central heating? Or indoor plumbing? Modern homes? But now we are a time in human history where the innocent snowball has grown into an avalanche. We have nearly completely removed ourselves from nature. Is it any surprise that we find ourselves in a world of suicide, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and poor health?

Look at yourself. Look at your children. We are made from nature. We are a part of nature! We need nature to live and it needs us as well. It is time for us to redefine nature. It is time for us to rebuild our relationship with nature.

And it starts with our children. It starts with building new habits. It starts with appreciating nature for the gift that it is. Go for a walk every day. Preferably in a quiet area, away from the city’s traffic. Listen to the sound of crunching snow under your boots. Breath in the scent of the pine trees. Look for the squirrels hopping from tree to tree.

It is in the simplicity of nature where our healing begins. It is in the quiet woods where the weight of the world disappears. It is in nature where we find ourselves. And it’s there where we rediscover that childlike wonder that was lost so long ago.