Gender Reveals and a Funny Video!

Gender reveals have become very popular in recent years. Videos abound online – some are sweet and some are downright hilarious! I have never had a gender reveal party for either of my pregnancies; it wasn’t very common at the time. And yes, I know I’m dating myself here!

Gender reveal parties go hand in hand with the advent of social media and the improved technology of prenatal gender discernment. There is even a blood work test (done on the mother) that can confirm, with 95% accuracy, the baby’s gender as early as 7 weeks!

What do you think about gender reveal parties? Are you planning on hosting one? Do you prefer to keep the gender a surprise? Or do you just binge-watch the videos on YouTube? Come on, be honest… We’ve all done it!

Here is one of my favourite cake reveals:


Image by Marc Leos from Pixabay