Top 10 Teething Tips

Aaah, the dreaded “t” word: teething…

Teething is a long process and can be painful for some babies (and their parents!). I barely noticed when my daughter would get a new tooth. My son on the other hand, he was a different story. He started showing signs of teething when he was around 4 months. And it didn’t let up until past his first birthday. This opened my eyes to the differences between babies. We are all individuals after all, no matter our age.

Your baby’s teeth work their way slowly (very, very slowly sometimes) down and eventually break through the gums. All that movement in the head and jaws can make your baby irritable. Other signs of teething include: drooling, disrupted sleep and biting/gumming everything in sight from their own fingers, to toys, and even the hand (or breast) that feeds him. Ouch! Here are some tips for you flustered parents. Remember to always supervise your child when giving him something to chew on.


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